Plasmoid9 Productions creates animated content for Advertsing Agencies, Large and Small Businesses, Record Labels, Artistes, and Filmmakers looking to send a message to their audience using animation.

Content Development


We create and develop ideas that can be produced using multimedia. The end result of our ideation process is usually a treatment, outline or script.

Visual Development


We flesh out written ideas through the creation of illustrations, concept art, character designs, environment and prop designs.



We visualize ideas through the creation of storyboards. Storyboards visually map out the script shot by shot. We work out visuals that best convey the mood and emotion of your story.



We specialize in creating classical (hand-drawn and digital) animation, cut-out and 3d animation. We also do motion graphics and visual effects. We can create full high-quality animation, as well as conservative limited animation. It usually comes down to the budget and time alloted to the project.



We offer consultations for a premium regarding animation production to local Advertising Agencies, Production Houses and Animation Studios. If you are looking for advice regarding improving the quality of your animated productions, we offer consultations in 3 key areas: Design, Art Direction (for 3d productions: Lighting and Compositing), Animation.



For the time being, our on-site animation classes are limited to Animation Studios located in Lagos & Abuja, Nigeria. For individuals looking to learn the craft of animation through us, classes would be available when we ramp up for bigger productions.